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Pet's Dream

Waterproof Dog Raincoat Apparel

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 Don't let your poor dog drenched in the cold rain, equipping them with waterproof raincoat is the right thing to do. Beware of the cold Woof!


XS        Back Length: 20cm/7.1inch       Neck   19cm/9.8inch 

Chest: 30cm/12.6inch

 S         Back Length: 25cm/9.8inch       Neck    23cm/10.6inch 

Chest: 33cm/15inch

 M        Back Length: 29cm/11.8inch      Neck    26cm/11.4inch 

Chest: 36cm/15.7inch

 L         Back Length: 32cm/13inch        Neck     29cm/13inch 

Chest: 45cm/17.7inch

XL       Back Length: 36cm/14inch         Neck     32cm/15inch 

Chest: 49cm/20.5inch

XXL     Back Length: 40cm/14inch        Neck     36cm/15inch 

Chest: 53cm/20.5inch


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