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Pet's Dream

Unique Shark Bed for Pets

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Don’t be afraid! 

The Shark  Bed 🐋 may look like a fierce shark with its toothy jaws, but it’s actually just a warm bed that your pooch or cat will love. The shark bed has a soft cushion inside that will pamper your pet when it’s time for a snooze. The perfect cute bed for your pet's ultimate relaxation. Beware, your furry friend might not get off anytime soon!.

  • Easy to clean-  With a washable and detachable cushion at the bottom,no need of electricity to keep warm. 


  • Enclosed design- perfect for pets who like to burrow. Great for small dogs or cats.


  • Self-warming material- Both inside and outside are high-quality fiber fabrics,warm and comfortable,radiates heat back to your pet.


  • DAMP RESISTANCE- Bottom made of anti-slip material make it safer and keep it onto place.




Gray Color: 
 S -     42x42x37cm       
 M -    52x52x38cm
Pink Color:  
 S -     42x42x37cm       
 M -    50x50x38cm
Light Blue:  
 S -     42x42x37cm         
 M -    50x50x38cm 

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