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Pro All-In-One™ Sturdy No-Pull Dog Harness

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Walking your dog is so much easier now with Pro All-In-One™ Dog Harness!


  •  Stops Pulling - For better walks for you & your dog
  •  Easy Off/ Easy On - Hassle free On / Off in 2 seconds
  •  Adjustable Straps - Fits your dog's body perfectly and comfortably
  •  EZ Grip Handle - Multiple uses including helping dogs walk, more control, and taking it off quickly
  • Soft, Breathable Mesh Inside- Comfortable for your dog to wear
  •  Reflective - More visibility on night walks for increased safety and peace of mind
  •  High quality - Strongest material to prevent fraying seams or Hook and Loop that slips
Pro All-In-One Sturdy No Pull Dog Harness

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Comfortable for your fur-baby

works with breeds of ALL sizes. High quality, this harness will last FOREVER.

No more slipping out of their harness! This is 'slip proof' and comfy for your fur-baby to wear on walks, hikes, and runs.

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Be safe on night walks, the reflective harness will make you easy to spot.

Better control helps with pulling. No pressure on their necks or trachea if they pull.a screenshot of a video gamea screenshot of a cell phone


For Pugs, a size Small or Medium will fit, even the bigger chested Pug nuggets.

For Pitbulls, Huskies, Labs, size L-XL, if you're not sure please check the size chart below.

If your dog is in between sizes, go with the next size UP.

Sizing (WEIGHT):

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Sizing (GIRTH):

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